Why to choose SVVP School


Smart board is an interactive white board and it’s a tool of teachers. It is updated with information of various subjects according to the student’s standards. Its an innovative teaching technique to make our concepts (maps, illustrations, experiments, formula etc) easy to reach our children.


To enhance the learning ability and an implant practical exposure about theoretical cencepts, the school has a large number of modern labertory systems for Physics, Chemistry, Biology Mathematics & Computer..


These libraries offer a range of resources to its members The resources are provided to cater the specific academic needs of the members. The libraries hatte a well selected collection of Books journals, Periodicals, Newspapers and Audio Visual Media.


A method of teaching children to read by correlating sounds with symbols in an alphabetic writing system. The national reading panel determined that phonics is essential ingredient in beginning stage. So phonics from KG to V std. So knowing the sounds of letters & letter combinations will develop your child's language skills.


The school truly believes in the concept of healthy mind in healthy body-brawn with brains The most favourite period in the time table is the PET period when they have the access to various games.

Mobile Application

Our school mobile application will keep track of each and every students activities to there parents from anywhere, anytime.


In our school we are giving karate training to our students by well trained karate masters. Our children have attended many competition and won remarkable prices.


Silambam is an ancient Dravidian Warfare It is a good way to channelize the energy of the youth. Learning something antique and part of our rich heritage instils a sense of belonging towards the art.


Transport of children will be the responsibility of individual parents Vidya Peetam provides transport facility to our students by covering 15kms in and around Sriperumbudur.